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*Honest Scrap Award

Thanks DoctorDi! I will do my best to honour this award with 10 things I haven’t (I hope!) said about myself before.

1. I have loud farts. (I’m sure I haven’t mentioned that!) They are the loudest in my family, though there is good competition for the smelliest. I have worked that into my current novel.

2. I just finished draft 9A. It is “A” because it was such a light revision. I’m ecstatic.

3. I worry about being a bad mom and drive A crazy with it, which is very odd because my mom-skill was the one thing I was confident about when my children were toddlers. I suspect that all the inchoate anxiety I have gets channeled into this because I think it’s about the most important thing in the world.

4. I am very good at finding things. This is because I often forget where I put things and I know if I don’t stress about it, they’ll turn up. I think they are just on holiday in another dimension, and when they’re ready they’ll come back.

5. I like windup toys. I like to run races with them. The turtles are the fastest, but the dragonfly goes the farthest.

6. I hate hot weather. It feels like my brain is oozing out my ears. Before kids, I’d get out of Toronto and head east for summer on the ocean. It felt like adding 2 months to my life every year.

7. The Harry Potter books are teaching me to read aloud, that and listening to A. I love his voices and it’s making me less inhibited about trying out my own.

8. I don’t like being squished. I wish our couch was broader because both kids want to get in beside and around me while A is reading HP aloud, and after a while I have to get up and move for a breather.

9. When A and I were on our 2nd date, we went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. A meat dish was ordered and at the end of the meal sat on the table untouched. It was only then that we both admitted we were vegetarians but had thought the other wasn’t. (Yes this is about A as much as me, but how many things about me are there left to tell?)

10. I like to eat snacks at my desk or in my bed. As a result I collect a midden of dishes. So when there are no more bowls left, everyone knows where to look.



Lilian is the author of Web of Angels, a novel about a mom with DID (multiple personalities). She's also the author of the historical novels, The River Midnight and The Singing Fire, about secrets, friendship and motherhood in 19th century Poland and London.

6 thoughts on “*Honest Scrap Award

  1. You’re very welcome – and such a deserving winner! I *loved* all these small but telling glimpses into your world, I am grinning a most satisfied grin!

  2. This is so sweet – I do love learning more about blogging friends. I worry all the time about mothering too (and did from the moment my son arrived). And I’m also a snacker in bed. Crumbs are more the problem than dishes, though!

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