*Monday March 29/10

Knit tapirs in the garden, originally uploaded by Tapir Girl.

Tapir Girl has knit every species of tapir and possibly the world’s first knitted babirusa.

I didn’t know what a babirusa was, but thanks to Darren Naish of Tetrapod Zoology, I now know that it is a unique curly tusked pig.

For the past 15 years the Nantu Project has protected critically endangered Babirusa (a unique curly tusked pig) and its last global stronghold, the Nantu Forest in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.

It has been estimated that protecting the Nantu Forest from illegal logging and burning has reduced Indonesia’s carbon emissions by at least 6 million tonnes.

(full story here)

Babirusa mom and baby by Tim Vickers, click to enlarge
Babirusa male by Masteraah, click to enlarge

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