*Monday March 22/10

Bokeh Bouquet, originally uploaded by Daifuku Sensei [ on & off ].

It’s cold and gloomy again–I am so ready for spring!


4 thoughts on “*Monday March 22/10”

  1. Lovely tulips! We are finally seeing the daffodils here, very late after such an awful winter. It seems the weather has changed places across the Atlantic!

    1. Litlove I wondered if the Gulf Stream had shifted an iota with the weather that Europe got this winter. We had such a dry mild winter and eerily early spring, though the weather has gotten more seasonable this week.

    1. Beth, I saw this photo and it made me smile. Our tulips started coming up last week because of the sun and warm weather. I hope they’ll still bloom even though it’s got so cold.

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