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*More Interviews

I should be writing, and have been trying, keeping my bottom glued to the chair, and my blinds closed so that I can barely see the sun and the blue sky. But barely isn’t enough. Through the tiny gaps, I still get a glimpse of sun glistening on snow, a sliver of spruce tree, a slash of blue sky. And I want to go out, I want to run away from the blank screen and walk walk walk. I’m not sure how long I can stay sitting here writing a (bad of course because it’s the first go at it) new chapter.

I’m worn out from the stress of going down to the police station yesterday. Everyone there was quite nice though occasionally looking at me as if I had three heads (or so I imagined). But my shyness was at its peak and all I could so was smile idiotically and ask the occasional question. I’d done most of my asking (thank God) on the phone. I was there to look, and I took lots of photos to refresh my memory, paralyzed as my brain was with the enormity of my nerve. Going to a cop shop! Interrupting important work! Being short among many tall and broad men and women! Oh my.

Afterward I walked west and I walked east but I’m still not done walking off the muzziness of my head. Hence my urgent desire (along with the impetus of a bad couple of pages) to unglue myself from the chair and run away, which I expect that I shall do shortly.

Here are some pictures from my walk:

click photo to enlarge
click photo to enlarge

Now, in case you’re wondering what poutine is, let me explain. It is Quebec’s contribution to fast food: french fries with melted cheese curd and gravy overtop. I do not know how an entire restaurant on chi-chi Queen W. can be devoted to it.

Speaking of chi-chi stores, this next photo was taken in a shop for hyper moms of infants and pre-schoolers. Now I admit that I was kind of one of those with my first baby. It was only with my second child and trying to write a book that I gave up on expensive kids’ shoes and went along with all the other local moms to the Payless shoe store that had opened up in my neighbourhood. But still, this store made me laugh. The following item, in case you can’t figure it out from the name, is a cap to place on a baby boy’s penis, lest he pee into your face while diapering him.

Would you buy one of these?

Okay, I’m posting this, and giving my chapter one more hearty go before I leap up and run away.



Lilian is the author of Web of Angels, a novel about a mom with DID (multiple personalities). She's also the author of the historical novels, The River Midnight and The Singing Fire, about secrets, friendship and motherhood in 19th century Poland and London.

12 thoughts on “*More Interviews

  1. The things they think of to sell! Like most mothers of boys, I perfected the nano-second swapover of one nappy to another!

    And I quite understand the restlessness – Kingsley Amis said that the art of writing was the art of applying the seat of your trousers to the seat of a chair. And goodness only knows that’s not easy! And you were very brave at the police station. I’d find it torturous too.

    1. Litlove, thanks for confirming what I suspected but couldn’t verify from personal experience, having just had girls. I think Amis is right on the mark. I kept my butt glued to the chair today and didn’t get any good writing done but by the end of the day, I had some clear view as to where to start next week.

  2. I’m very impressed with your courage – all the research for my writing is of the literary variety. I’ve been tempted on occasion to go further, but never brave enough. And walking is the very best antidote for an attack of shyness, I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Hey, you got through that police station ordeal despite your terror, so props to you, Lilian, you did it!

    Love the photos. Also love the idea of poutine in winter… that sounds so disgustingly good.

    No. Nope, I would not buy pee-pee teepees. I think they sound ludicrous, and in the time it would take to attach the damn thing, surely one could have already changed the nappy?!

  4. Love the pictures… especially the subway sign one. It looks a bit cold and gloomy there, however. I’ll shut up about my winter!

    No, I wouldn’t buy one of those things. I was never a mom like that, but might have been had we not had so many hand-me-downs that I didn’t need to shop. Just now getting into a phase with my 8-year-old in which I MIGHT have to do a little shopping. But I’m beyond the perfect stores now.

    To the police station,I wish you hadn’t been so uncomfortable. They’re so young and HOT! I used to live next door to two very young, very hot police officers. (Almost 15 years ago until about 10 years ago. When it started, I was single, but significantly older than them.) They were awesome. I did a ride-along with one of them on a Saturday night (that was a real eye-opener, I wonder if you could do that?), and I thought going to the police station before we went out was kind of fun. I’m almost as shy as you, but the view was spectacular!

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