*Monday Feb 1/10

Chloe, originally uploaded by LauriePix1.

Okay, so isn’t this a cutie?

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6 thoughts on “*Monday Feb 1/10

  1. Look at those soulful eyes and the slight ironic lift of the brow!!

  2. How in the world….. do photos like this get made?

    So much clarity.

  3. Cute indeed. Glad it’s not in my house right now, though. I’m the original animal lover, but one more pet at the moment (and I only have two) would probably send me over the edge… cute or not!

  4. Nice photo but as an ex-ridgeback owner the face is all wrong for me! Very similar colour though and love those silky ears.

    1. We are dog deprived due to allergies, thank goodness we live near a dog park and can enjoy the neighbourhood’s dogs!

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