*Kate McGarrigle

From 1990:

R.I.P Kate. You have been on my musical scene since I can remember. Obit in The New Yorker here.

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7 thoughts on “*Kate McGarrigle

  1. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Kate McGarrigle, but it was interesting to read the obit and watch the video. She sounds like she had amazing musical integrity and produced something wonderful from it.

    1. Litlove, that’s why I posted this. One of the things I enjoy so much about reading blogs is being exposed to things I otherwise wouldn’t even hear about. Kate and Anna McGarrigle have been singing and composing music for around 30 years and I learned from the obit that Kate was a songwriter for other singers I admire as well.

  2. I knew Kate & Anna back in the 60’s when they formed a small group called The City Mountain Four & were playing all the coffee houses in Montreal & New York State. These were heady, fun times & I was shocked to hear of Kate’s passing yesterday. So many memories running through my mind now. Pictures, images, sounds. Kates passing is a great loss to many people, myself included. RIP Kate & thanks for all the wonderful music!

    1. Penlan, that sounds like a wonderful memory. Thank you for sharing it. I can just picture it. I was in Montreal then, but just a kid.

  3. Oh, sad. I know more about the Wainwrights than the McGarrigles, but as one of my Pearson friends went on to become a singer songwriter for a good number of years and worked tirelessly for Canadian folk music as the director of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival – his name is Aengus Finnan – I’ve been fortunate to hear some over the years. I know he’ll be mourning her death too, Lilian.

  4. oh my gosh, I had no idea she passed away. I loved her work.

    Thank you for letting us know and for remembering her this way.

  5. It’s a shame that I have to go on reading blogs to express my sorrow of Kate’s passing.
    I have listed faithfully o’er the years to both the Kate and Anna’s music, and Kate with Rufus Wainwright.
    I heard of her passing, it makes me remember great times in my life.
    Telling the first 12 people that Katie had died, and getting the response “who”? saddens me more.
    Harry Nilsson passed away in 1994 almost the same time of year, another great songwriter.

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