*Monday Dec 28/09

Another sighting on the weekend–this time a different sort of hawk in the branches of the birch tree out back. I ran upstairs for my camera. As I was taking off the lens cover, it flew away. Clearly there for my edification, not my memorializing. Here is a photo, courtesy of flicker.

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5 thoughts on “*Monday Dec 28/09

  1. Beautiful! I had something similar (though different, of course, being on a different continent) outside my bathroom window last week. Sadly it flew away by the time I got my camera.

    1. Rachel, I wonder how long the photographers had to wait to get those shots.

  2. Lovely lovely photo, as was the one you posted just before. My Swiss fellow and I are avid birdwatchers and I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday than hiking somewhere in the low Alps near our home and looking for hawks and falcons.

    1. Verbivore, it was exciting to see up close. Btw, when I was 16, I visited relatives in Switzerland and, to my surprise, had some trouble keeping up with the elderly while hiking!

  3. Currently traveling between Miami and Florida, reading this on my Iphone. Will read it in full when I get back, and I will also post a backlink on my website. Thanks.

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