*Christmas Sighting

No, it wasn’t Santa.

Yesterday we were on our way to the library when, before we got to the corner, my younger daughter said, “There’s an owl, Mama.”

I thought she was kidding me. They do that, my daughters, then say, “Made you look!” just like I did when I was their age.

There were several women huddled near the fence of the last house on our block. And sitting on the fence, allowing us to look, to gaze in wonder, was a hawk. After a while, having given us a good time to gawk, the hawk flew up onto the eaves of the house, perching atop a fake owl, talons on the plastic head.

I didn’t have my camera with me, naturally, so I found a photo on flicker to show instead. Perhaps this is an omen, a signal for the coming year, a beckoning.

Red Tail Hawk, originally uploaded by deegs.

The Hawk as totem represents vision and creative purpose, moving between the seen and the unseen, bringing the message of heaven to earth.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays of all sorts. May we celebrate light, love and all that honours them not only today but in all the days to come.

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12 thoughts on “*Christmas Sighting

  1. Oh gosh !

    The red-tailed hawk, an omen for me, absolutely and, I hope, an omen, a charm, for all of you.

    To Light and love,

    and Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you Beth–and may our corner of the blog world be a bright place in the coming year.

  2. That is WAY cool that the real one perched on the fake one. I wish you had had a camera with you.

    1. Thanks Emily. I should just make a habit of having camera at all times!

  3. How wonderful, and what an omen…. There are redtails around our place in the Lanark Highlands all year long, and they are one of nature’s most beautiful raptors. A splendid omen to be sure!

    1. Thanks, Cate. And today another hawk was sitting on the birch tree out back! One that was slenderer in build, with a longer tail.

  4. They are stunning birds, Lilian. You really seem to be walking among them at the moment – I wonder what it all means? Just wanted to check in as I’m taking a short break from the computer but not from sending you all the best. Here’s to the next blank page! xx

    1. Thank you, Di! I’m so glad you came by during your break. 🙂

  5. I love the meaning of the hawk as omen. How wonderful! We would never get to see that in the East of England.

    1. Litlove, especially since another hawk came close again a couple of days later. I’ve never seen a free hawk up close before.

  6. The Hawk as a totem of creativity and vision – I’d never heard that. We have them in our neighborhood, and I’m a bit fearful of them because of my small dogs. I’ll try to think of them more kindly – while still watching out for Magic and Molly 😉

    1. I never thought of that. How scary for the wee dogs.

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