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*What I’m Reading

These are next on my list, a collection of prize winning novels delivered to me by Random House, which publishes my books in Canada. (In the U.S. it’s Scribner, Headline Review in UK, Bertelsmann in Germany, Mouria and Meulenhoff in Holland, Longanesi in Italy, Matar in Israel, Ulpius-haz in Hungary.)

Thank you Randy!


10 thoughts on “*What I’m Reading”

    1. Di, it’s a definite perk and one that I hadn’t anticipated. When I was newly published by Scribner, I was at a conference with several other authors, and one of the publishers was with us. She set me loose in a bookstore and told me to pick up anything I wanted. I was too shy and abashed to get more than one or two books, while she and others picked up armfuls. I have learned though. I would now happily avail myself of that offer.

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