*Shakespeare and Gender

A fashion of black teeth and ruffled collars, courtesy of the invention of starch imported from France, which led the upper classes to abhor the damp (wilted ruffles). This is the backdrop of Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare. In a fun and fast book, he separates fact from myth about the playwright while providing a fascinating look at the gender bending, ever dynamic, new play a day, fevered atmosphere of late Elizabethan London. (Full review here.)

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4 thoughts on “*Shakespeare and Gender

  1. Accustomed to our contemporary style of production, I suspect we’d all be a touch bewildered to witness an original Shakespearean performance as it actually was.

    1. Good point, slimbolala. It would be interesting to see that. And thanks for coming by my blog.

  2. An interesting review
    Edwin Larson

  3. Edwin, thank you, and good to see you commenting here.

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