*Monday Nov 16/09

November rose-1
November rose

The only remarkable thing about this photo is that I took it on Friday while walking home from the art gallery. It was in the garden of a Ukrainian church, too far from the hedge protecting it for me to check if it was fragrant. But it was the gift of a sunny day, surprisingly warm for this time of year, a P.A. day, a mother-daughter date with my youngest.

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10 thoughts on “*Monday Nov 16/09

  1. Wow, it’s just perfect. I was going to say ‘so perfect it almost doesn’t look real,’ then I caught myself and wondered how it came to be that my first response was to doubt the ever-present perfection of Nature. Maybe that’s the point at which I acknowledge my experience is too mediated!

    1. Di, at this time of year in Toronto most yards and flowers are pretty shaggy but not all. There are amazing spots of colour, all the more amazing because we’re on the verge of winter. Last year it snowed in November.

  2. But I think this photo is tremendous! It’s very Victorian, post cardy. We had a day like you were having yesterday, after four hard days of rain. A gift we all were given, perhaps.

    1. Beth, thanks. I took another pic I thought more interesting, but the rose was in shadow.

  3. Stunning! We had the same beautiful sunshine over the weekend. Such a gift – if only it would stay around for a while longer.

  4. That’s gorgeous! Curiously enough, our extremely delicate clematis has suddenly decided to flower again in the garden. It’s been chilly here so I don’t know quite what it’s thinking! But it’s a lovely defiance of the season of decline.

    1. Litlove, thank you. That’s very cool about the climatis. I love spring, but there’s something miraculous about flowers when nearly everything is brown and dry.

  5. Very cool and looks real to me. Maybe a last stand before winter?

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