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*Pig Has Landed

Yup. Yesterday after school, both my daughters came down with a high fever and cough. One of them headachey, the other with sore leg muscles. Sore tummy. Fatigued. Today we took them to the pediatrician. She confirmed what I suspected. Though she can’t say 100% sure (because in our fair province only hospitals are allowed to test for h1n1), the clinical dx is H1N1. The kids have started on tamiflu. I’m wondering whether, if I get vaccinated on Friday, it will protect me. In the alternative, I’m hoping that I already had it in August.


7 thoughts on “*Pig Has Landed”

  1. Oh, no fun – I hope they feel better soon and I hope you don’t come down with anything either. Take care of yourselves!

    1. Thanks verbivore and charlotte! The kids are feeling a lot better this morning. Tamiflu has a bitter taste and we had the hardest time with one of our kids taking it. Honestly if I’d known in advance I’m not sure if I’d have gotten the script as the evidence is mixed on its efficacy. But having committed to it, we have to get her to take it. Otherwise we’re teaching her that if something is unpleasant she doesn’t have to take it; and in life there may be medicines or procedures for her health that are critical. Plus both kids are so much better today than yesterday, so it seems to be making a difference.

  2. I am so glad to read in your comments that the children are feeling better today! That is a relief. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this and I am hoping very much that your bout of illness in summer will have strengthened your immune system magnificently.

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