*More tea?

So this poor guy who drank black tea for 25 years decided to switch to Earl Grey, thinking it would be better for his stomach. A week later he suffered from muscle cramps that required medical attention. The cause? Toxicity from bergamot oil, made from the rind of the bergamot orange, which gives Earl Grey its particular flavour. I had to ask, how much tea did the guy drink to get poisoned by tea?

Four litres a day. That’s about 16 cups folks. I wonder how he got out of the bathroom long enough to boil the kettle. Full story here.

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11 thoughts on “*More tea?

  1. I’m an Orange Pekoe guy myself – hope it’s a different kind of orange involved.

    1. RWW, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Orange pekoe is black tea. I didn’t know where the name came from but, having googled it, I just found that that it refers to the quality. More here: http://blog.ivykeep.com/?p=68 . We drink President’s Choice orange pekoe here and I can recommend it!

  2. How did the man ever sleep? Tea is less caffienated than coffee, but it packs a jolt nevertheless…especially in those quantities!

    I enjoy Earl Grey on occasion – hope I don’t develop the dreaded bergamot oil allergy.

  3. Hmm, I’ll have to watch out for that, then. I like Earl Grey… but maybe not 4 litres-worth!

  4. Good question about the sleeping!

    I don’t think there is any worry about Earl Grey consumed in the normal quantities!

  5. I am still chuckling about the fact that you made the tag “tea intoxication” for this. Always good to be prepared.

  6. I’m not that fond of bergamot and it’s one of the few essential oils I won’t burn. But 16 cups a day!!! I did laugh at your comment about the bathroom – so true!

  7. I am fond of Earl Grey, but only drink it occasionally, so I’m not worried. I usually drink redbush tea – low in tannin and no caffeine!

    1. Ah but the tannin is good for your heart! (Apparently milk cancels out the heart healthy properites, though it still retains the antioxident effect. Here we drink it with lemon now.)

  8. I’m amazed he wasn’t on dialysis. The poor kidneys, processing all that caffeine.

    1. Good point! I hadn’t thought of that.

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